Today is exactly one year after my sudden cardiac arrest due to anaphylaxis, which I would later come to realize was caused by Alpha-Gal Allergy. The diagnosis came two weeks after the incident. In a way, I was relieved to have found the root cause. But also, I was curious about this rare disease.

Scouring through information online, I learned that you acquire this allergy from a tick bite from the Lone Star Tick. I don’t remember being bitten by a tick at all. However, in the weeks prior, I do remember finding four to five chigger bites on the top of one foot. It’s possible what I considered chiggers were actually larval ticks.

I learned what I can and cannot eat. At first, these lists were small, but as time progressed over the past year, both of these lists have grown.

It’s my hope with this website that I can help consolidate much of that information into one place to make it easier for others to learn about this allergy.

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