Welcome to this site dedicated to Alpha-Gal Allergy Syndrome. Here you will find information for newbies, as well as various advanced topics and my blog.

I am launching this site on 10/10/17, exactly one year after my cardiac arrest. The site is far from complete. Please check back often as I will be adding new content quickly as the site evolves, while also learning about WordPress.

Are you new here? Try the newbies section for common questions.

My name is Doug, and I have alpha-gal. Here is my story. I created this site to document my findings with this unusual allergy. I also want to provide a centralized location for the many oddities pertaining to alpha-gal allergy. The information you will find here is my opinion, many times derived from the input of others, based on knowledge I have picked up along the way. Not everyone will agree with everything I say, and I may prove to be wrong on some points, but I hope at least this information can be a springboard for your own research. Please view my disclaimer.

One of the best sources of information is the FaceBook group, Alpha-Gal (closed for privacy), which you will find on my Links page. There you can quickly search for specific questions, and also post your own if you are unable to find the answers. There are so many helpful people in that group, and I highly recommend it as one of the first sources in your online research.

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